Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy Certificates

As one of the only Heavy Vehicle Roadworthy Inspectors in the Geelong region, our team at Maude Diesel can comprehensively assess your vehicle to determine its roadworthiness. If any repairs need to take place to pass the inspection, we will provide you with a quote and can perform these repairs in our workshop. If you are looking for a VicRoads licensed roadworthy inspector, trust Maude Diesel Services. To find out more, contact us today.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern trucks and machinery rely heavily on electronics throughout their design to monitor various components. These systems can often present faults which our team can professionally diagnose and repair using the latest scanning tools and equipment. To find out more, contact us today.

Earth moving Equipment Repairs

At Maude Diesel, our repair capabilities extend beyond trucks. Our team can professionally repair a huge range of earth moving equipment, from excavators to bulldozers, Maude Diesel have the latest tools and equipment to ensure your repairs are performed professionally. If your earth moving equipment is in need of repair, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Ag Machinery Repairs

Also included in our wide range of repair services are our ag machinery repairs. At Maude Diesel our highly skilled technicians can repair your tractor or other ag machinery in a professional and timely manner, striving to minimise your time without your equipment. Whether it's a routine service or a major repair, no job is too big or too small for our team. To book your ag machinery in for a repair, contact us today.

Truck and Trailer Modifications

With so many years experience working on and maintaining trucks, our highly skilled technicians also have the ability to modify your truck and trailer. If you are in need of any chassis or trailer modifications, visit our workshop to discuss the repairs, or contact us.

Vehicle Servicing

One of our primary services is our vehicle servicing, whether it's logbook servicing for new trucks still under warranty, major or minor servicing, Maude Diesel have you covered. Performing routine maintenance on your truck ensures that it continues to run as reliably as possible, and that any worn or damaged components are replaced before further damage occurs. To book your truck in for a service, contact us.

Engine Rebuilds and Changeovers

As your engine ages, internal components loosen and will eventually fail. This is generally after many operating hours, but having your engine rebuilt before this failure occurs can save you a great deal of money. If your truck or machinery is old and you feel it may be in need of a rebuild, visit our workshop to discuss a rebuild and we can provide you with a quote for your vehicle. To arrange an assessment, contact us.

Auto Electrical Repairs and Batteries

Another service for our customers that can be arranged through Maude Diesel is auto electrical. Whether its trailer wiring, accessory fitting, lighting modifications or any other electrical issues, we can arrange to have any auto electrical work performed on your vehicle while it's in our workshop. If you're in need of auto electrical repairs or modifications, contact us today.

AIR CTI Supplier and Installer

AIR CTI is a tyre pressure management system that allows you to automatically adjust your tyre pressures to your load and driving conditions. You can maximise traction and tyre life for your vehicle by changing tyre pressures simply with the touch of a button. To find out more or to arrange a quote on an AIR CTI system for your vehicle, contact us today.